Introducing Smart Troll II

All Smart Troll II Kits have 10% discount 2021 Pricing... 

More Features

-Add Probes to Multiple Lines and/or Multiple Downriggers
-Depth, Temperature and Speed data for all Probes

Multiple Bluetooth Connections

-View Depth/Temp/Speed data on multiple devices at the same time.

10% Refund when you email a decent quality video

-Get a 1 Probe Kit for lower cost; or up to 6 Probes to get Depth, Temperature and SPEED data everywhere in your spread.

-10% OFF/Refund...When you email to me a decent quality video Installing, Using or Reviewing Smart Troll II (does not apply to items on sale)

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This Great "Smart Troll II" Introductory Pricing will enable anyone to afford a Depth/Temp/Speed unit and you can add more Probes anytime.