Introducing Smart Troll II

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More Features

-Add Probes to Multiple Lines and/or Multiple Downriggers
-Depth, Temperature and Speed data for all Probes

Multiple Bluetooth Connections

-View Depth/Temp/Speed data on multiple devices at the same time.

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About Us

The Smart Troll Story

Smart Troll is the only system with a Probe that attaches directly to your line and wirelessly transmits Depth, Temp and Speed data through the the boat. It began with the realization I could pin-point the water's depth, mark fish and tell their depth and even tell you where I am on the face of the earth. But, I put my lures behind the boat and had no clue how deep they run.

I set on a multi year journey to solve that problem and eventually invented and perfected Smart Troll.

Smart Troll - How deep are your lures

Knowing exactly how deep your lures or baits are when trolling has always been a challenge for both novice and experienced fishermen (and women). Different techniques have been used to try and determine how deep a lure will run under specific conditions. Fishermen have trolled on a sloping sandy bottom until their lure drags bottom to make a log of what depth that occurs for each lure in their box, others have tried to make calculations based on line angle, and some have even used certified divers to swim with the lures to determine lure depth and made charts and published books with the charts for others to use.

The problem is that even slight changes in conditions can affect a lure's depth by several feet. Trolling slightly faster or slower, the wind pushing the boat sideways, waves rocking the boat (tugging back and forth on the lures), underwater currents, water temperature, line diameter, variations in the lures (even though they look identical) and other factors all combine in very complex ways to affect a lure's trolling depth making it impossible to know just exactly how deep your lures are...until now that is.

Technology has arrived that will give every fishing person, whether a novice week-end fisher or experienced charter captain, the ability to know exactly how deep their lure, live bait or cut bait runs, and can connect the Probes to a down-rigger cable if you prefer. In fact, you can attach multiple Probes to multiple down-riggers at the same time.

The new system is called the Smart Troll system and it works by attaching a small Smart Troll Probe to your line. The Smart Troll Probe is ½ inch in across about 3 inches long and weighs less than 1 oz in the water.

• The Probe hangs from a short 175 lb test stainless steel leader with a loop for attaching it to the main line and a snap swivel for attaching it to the leader line.

• It is small and light enough so that it has little (or no) effect on lure action.

• It has no wires attached to it but its internal electronics are able to sense the depth and temperature of the water at that depth (there is also a business card sized Probe that transmits depth, temperature and SPEED).

• Every few seconds the Probes send a signal, through the water to a receiver on the boat. The signal is encoded with depth, temperature and speed information and is the user interface shows the depth of the Probe, the temperature of the water at that depth and the water's down-speed.

• Because the lure is just a few feet behind the Probe you know the exact depth that the lure is being trolled. In effect you get live data for your Divers, Coppers, Lead Core, Wire and even Mono setups...and/or down-riggers if you prefer.

With Smart Troll when a change of conditions changes the lure's depth, temperature or know within a few seconds because the Smart Troll receiver show the changes with live readings. Imagine the possibilities.

Scenario 1 (weeds): I am trolling through water that I know is rich with fish and I see on the depth finder that I am marking fish 20 feet deep. But I pick up a weed which both contaminates the lure and changes the lure's depth. Without Smart Troll I am unaware of the weed so I troll on through and wonder why I did not get a bite. But with the Smart Troll, I set the lures depth to 20 feet (where the fish are) but without any change in conditions I look at the Smart Troll display and see the lure raised to 10 feet...a sure sign that I picked up a weed or something. I reel in remove the weed set the lure back to 20 feet and in a few minutes I am shouting "Fish ON"

Scenario 2 (Thermocline):I know it is the time of year that the fish are hanging out near the thermocline I have heard that it is somewhere near 50 feet deep but exactly how do I find it. With Smart Troll all you have to do is let line out in 10 foot increments...waiting a few seconds for the sensor to adjust to the surrounding temperature each time you stop. Once you see the temperature suddenly drop a few degrees you know you crossed the thermocline.

Scenario 3 (Sudden Depth Changes):I fish in a lake where the bottom has sudden changes in depth. I know certain times of the year the big lunkers hang out right where the bottom slopes. But when I am trolling in 80 feet of water and my depth finder tells me that the water depth suddenly changed to 60 feet I have a dilemma because I am not sure just exactly how deep my lure is running. The question I leave the lure where it is and risk getting hung on bottom or do I reel it in and end up way over the top of the fish hanging out on the slope? With Smart Troll there is no question. If I am trolling in 80 feet of water and I want to fish near the bottom I let my lure back until the Smart Troll Probe tells me it is 75 to78 feet deep. If I look at my depth finder and see that the water's depth suddenly changes to 60 feet then I know without a doubt my lure is going to get caught on bottom once it catches up to where the boat was when the depth changed. So, I grab the reel and start reeling, once the Smart troll Probe tells me the lure is 50 to 55 feet I know to stop reeling so I can just barely skim over the close to the big lunkers that they cannot help but strike because of instinct.

The Smart Troll System will definitely change the way you fish with a whole new tackle box full of techniques because...Smart Trollers Know Exactly How Deep Their Lures Run.