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                                                SMART TROLL Quick Start Guide

Installing the Transducer:
  • Mount the Transducer as indicated below and drill a hole to run the wire through your Transom to the area where you want to mount the Smart Troll Receiver. You can mount the transducer any where below the waterline but above the bottom of the boat. The face of the transducer will point back and slightly downward.

  • Installing the Receiver:

    The Smart Troll Receiver is completely waterproof (epoxy filled) and has two waterproof connectors. One is for connecting the wire from the Transducer. The other is for Power/Ground. You need to run the power circuits from a fused and switched circuit to the area where you intend to mount the Receiver.

    The Bluetooth signal from the Smart Troll Receiver will easily pass through fiberglass to your android device so a good place to mount it is in the bilge area. NOTE: The Smart Troll Receiver must NOT be mounted behind anything metal.

  • Using the Probes:

    There are several ways to attach the Probes. You can attach then between the main line and the leader, between the main line and a Dipsey or other diver or anywhere along the main line using Off Shore Tackle OR16 Pro Snap or similar clips. You can also attach them directly to a downrigger cable if that is what you prefer.

    Please go to for detailed instructions and illustrations.

  • Using the Smart Troll app:

    Before you download the Smart Troll app you may need to go to the security pick in your settings menu and check the box to allow Unknown Sources.

    Then use the android device to browse to the following url to download the app.

    Once the app is downloaded you may need to navigate to the notifications area on your android device and choose to install the app (refer to your android device instructions).

    After the Smart Troll system and the Smart Troll app is installed the very next thing you need to do is turn the Smart Troll Receiver ON and Pair the Receiver to your android device (refer to the android instructions). When prompted for a code enter 1234. Pairing is required only one time.

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